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Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) KPT/JPS(PA 4618)01/20

This course aims to provide the fundamentals information technology, methodological and implementation issues of IT-related subjects. This course is both highly technical and people-orientated. The course focuses on scientific and technical areas related to software, network, web, database and internet services, along with areas such as management, communications and human behavior. The student through this course will gain in-depth knowledge and be prepared for jobs in the information technology profession. In addition, graduates will display effective communication skills, independence and creativity, critical judgment and ethical and social understanding.

Program Aim

The program aims to give knowledge with depth and accuracy of the impact of information technology within an organization, with society at large, and a detailed appreciation of the impact of information technology on the global scale. The students are taught to achieve their academic goals by engaging in scholarly activities related to economic development of the region through partnerships with industry, inventors, and entrepreneurs. The objective is to apply the knowledge to help the society to develop in a positive way.

Career Opportunities

The course will help the students to become part of a growing employment sector in the IT industry. Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Job Types includes

  1. Software engineers
  2. System analysts
  3. System integrators
  4. Information security officers
  5. Network administrators
  6. Technical support managers
  7. Database managers
  8. Custom PC application developers


Duration :  12 Months.

1BIT 132Database Management Systems
2BIT 241Human Computer interaction (HCI)
3BIT 251Java Programming
4BIT 254System Analysis Design(SAD)
5BIT 261Data Structures
6BIT 376Open source languages
7BIT 263Artificial Intelligence
8BIT 371RDBMS with SQL
9BIT 381Website Designing
10BIT 384Software Project Management
11BIT 374Information Security
12BIT 391Industrial training

Intake and Entry Requirements

Intake :

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Entry Requirements

HND or Any Level 5 Equivalent Qualification.